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How it works!

DigiPanion works hard to earn your trust.

What are NoMo Challenges?

NoMo offers screen times challenges as a fun way to motivate people to push themselves and reduce their screen time. Challenges can last a day, several days, or even an entire month.

Rules of Participation

  • Screen hours shows the total hours the participants spent on their devices during the challenge.

  • Challenge Participants must open the app at least once a day to report the screen time.

  • Ranks will be decided based the lowest screen time.

  • While the ranks will change multiple times during the challenge, the final winner will be based on the Total screen time. Hence there might be a scenario when the rank 1 holder is not the winner

Challenge Rewards
The winner of the challenge will receive DigiCoins.
DigiCoins are calculated based on the duration of the challenge.

NoMo reserves the right to change the challenge guidelines from time to time to better serve its community and to help people reduce screen time.

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